Spin-on Glass P-220-HP


The P-XXX series of spin-on dopants are Phosphorosilicate products designed for chemically doping silicon to produce device structures. These structures include:


MOS: N-Well, Source/Drain

Analog Bipolar/Discrete: Isolation, Base, Emitter, Diode/Deep N Junction


Typical Application

This is a standard silicate phosphorous doped glass very typical for semiconductor applications. Typical curing at 150° – 200°C gives a low density but solid film. It continues to become increasingly dense as temperature increases to 400 C, 600°C or higher. We recommend baking our material at a slightly higher temperature than what the device will see in any post processing if the material is to remain with the part. For doping applications the glass is often removed after drive in. The phosphorous in glass form is easier and less expensive to process then solid source, ion implant, hazardous gas sources, and other processes.



  • Controllable phosphorus doping level
  • Easy shipping without POCl3 complications
  • Lower melting point than silica alone
  • Stable processing independent of flow rates
  • High purity materials
  • Available with impurity specification in the low ppb range
  • Lowest diffusion damage available in the industry


For Data Sheet click below:

(Compare to Honeywell ACCUSPIN P-8545 and P-854 phosphorus Spin-on dopants)