Desert Silicon, Inc Makes the Arizona Jobs Report! (pg 61)

Snapshot: Job Impacts of Arizona Companies

Arizona’s advanced materials industry benefits from a diverse
group of businesses, ranging from small supply chain businesses
to large anchor companies. The following vignettes showcase
three Arizona companies and their impact on jobs in the state.

Hexcel Corporation, Casa Grande: 500+ Employees

  • Multinational company involved in carbon fiber industry for nearly 70
  • Established its Casa Grande facility in 1965 with major expansions in
    1966, 1973, 1994, and 2012
  • Manufactures lightweight honeycomb materials for the A&D industry
  • Large customer base includes Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier, and Lockheed
  • Why Arizona: National A&D hub, readily available workforce, and agreeable
    climate for manufacturing

Desert Silicon Inc., Tempe: 10 Employees

  • Homegrown small business and established supplier providing specialized
    electronic materials
  • Founded in 2013 and housed within the MAC6 Conscious Manufacturing
    Facility, a local incubator and co-working industrial space
  • Customizes and manufactures spin-on glass for silicon wafers used in
    semiconductor production
  • Semifinalist at Cleantech Open 2014
  • Almost 200 customers across businesses and labs
  • Plans to expand facility, increase revenues, and grow workforce
  • Why Arizona: Readily available workforce, proximity to customer and
    supplier base, and access to incubator services

Materion Ceramics Inc., Tucson: ~50 Employees

  • Subsidiary of Materion Corporation with over 45 years of production
    experience in metal oxide ceramics
  • Relocated its headquarters from Ohio to Arizona in 1987
  • Manufactures beryllium oxide ceramics and other high-performance
    materials for applications in A&D, energy, and electronics
  • Plans to expand workforce to support diverse materials base and production
  • Why Arizona: Proximity to customer base and agreeable climate for